Mission Accomplished!

The most difficult thing in the world is to inspire someone to do something that brings about change. So, imagine my happiness when someone told me that she did something because she got inspired by my talk!

In Dec’18, I spoke at the TEDxAmsterdamWomen event to create awareness about gender gap in our cities and encourage people to close this gap by doing things themselves rather than waiting for the government to do it. In my talk, I tried to arm the audience with the particular steps that they can take to reduce the gender gap in our cities. As the blog post of TEDxAmsterdamWomen said,

“Yamini didn’t leave us with frustration and questions though. She proposed that we can create inclusive and sustainable cities ourselves. According to Yamini, we have to start talking about this topic and select mayors and aldermen who listen to our needs. And we, women, should participate in events where we can express our opinions and help create safe and convenient public spaces.”

In the most brilliant ways, I met a women who attended the event and taking cue from my talk, she was able to create safer urban environment for her community and her three daughters. She told me that her municipality, somewhere near Eindhoven, the Netherlands, was planning an underground tunnel for cyclists. As a mother of three daughters, this lady immediately saw that this tunnel was not a safe place for anyone, especially girls, after dark. She even approached the municipality to rethink their design and called for safer cyclist crossings. To support her request, she did some online research, collected evidence of crimes in such places and provided the same to the municipality. She was very happy to inform me that the plans for underground tunnel had been scrapped.

Now, isn’t this lady amazing! Thanks to her proactive actions our urban environments are much safer!

As for me, my mission is accomplished.

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